NICE to unveil two new electric cars

* Ze-0 five-seater * MyCar two-seater * On display at British Motor Show...

NICE to unveil two new electric cars

Two new NICE electric vehicles will be unveiled at the British Motor Show.

The Ze-0 is a five-seater that can travel up to 65 miles under typical city driving conditions. Prices will start from 13,995 when it goes on sale in the autumn.

The MyCar is a small two-seater with a range of 40 miles. It will cost from 8995, and it also goes on sale in the autumn.

In addition, an all-electric Fiat 500 project car will be on display. Public reaction to the conversion will be gauged at the show, before company bosses decide whether to go ahead with putting the car on sale.

NICE is also displaying two- and four-seater versions of its Mega City car, which has been given a makeover for this year.

Prices start from 11,500, although a discount of 500 is being offered for Mega City buyers who place a deposit at the show.