Nissan Esflow

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Nissan Esflow

Electric cars don't have to just be about lessening our impact on the environment, they can also be fun as the 90k Tesla Roadster has already proved.

However, its a bit expensive, so what we need is something cheaper that's small, efficient, light, fast hang on, how about this Esflow from Nissan?

Inspired by glaciers, but faster
Sometimes it's hard to resist having a chuckle at the copy that manufacturers come out with to describe their latest car or concept.

Nissan says the finish of the Esflow is inspired by glaciers, a 'highly reflective solidified liquid with blue tints in its shadows'.

A bit cheesy, but we can see what they mean and it certainly looks cool - particularly 'in the metal' here in Geneva - with sweeping lines and a purposeful stance.

The potential pace of the car is also anything but glacial.

Nissan Esflow video
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Using the same batteries as the Nissan Leaf, but located differently to improve handling, the Esflow has a pair of electric motors that deliver a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds.

That's seriously quick, of course, while the Esflow is also rear-wheel drive, which in a car this small, light and powerful would be very entertaining. The range, too, is also a satisfying 149 miles between charges.

So, how about the Nissan Esflow will it be built? Nissan has produced a string of small, sporty coupe concepts, so hopefully the momentum is gathering. For the moment it's not in the product plan, but we think the 370Z needs a smaller brother, and this could be it.

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