Open-top car

Open-top car

1st: Audi TT Roadster
Price from 27,250
Theft of
Theft from
This is a tight category. The Audi TT and Volkswagen Eos scored the same number of points, so the decision went down to a tie-breaker.

The Audi has superb door locks, an effective alarm and immobiliser, and especially good vehicle identification markings.

It's an excellent result for a fabric-roofed car and, along with its coupe sibling, helps Audi close in on the manufacturer award.

2nd: Volkswagen Eos
Price from 19,990
The Eos has an identical score to the TT, but is placed second because Audi has more model ranges that qualify for the manufacturer award.

3rd: Volvo C70
Price from 25,750
The C70 squeezes ahead of the fourth-placed Saab 9-3, thanks to slightly better parts marking and a unique stereo that is coded to each individual car.