What the papers say: November 21

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An article image

Petrol to fall 7p a litre by Christmas
The RAC is predicting that fuel prices will fall by 7p a litre for unleaded petrol by Christmas, reports the Guardian. The prediction comes after the price of a barrel of crude dropped briefly below $50.
The Guardian

Petrol to fall 10p a litre by Christmas
Following on from the Guardian's prediction of 7p, the Daily Express brings more Christmas cheer by claiming fuel could drop by 10p a litre by late December. The paper predicts a litre of unleaded could fall below 83p.
The Daily Express

Drug driving laws will target middle-aged women
The Daily Telegraph reports that new Government proposals to kerb drug driving will target middle-aged women using prescription painkillers. They report that anti-depressant diazepam is among the drugs that could result in drivers being banned. The drug is often prescribed for those suffering insomnia. Diazepam and targeted painkillers such as Nurofen Plus tend to be used older females.
The Daily Telegraph

5000 fine and 12 month ban for drug driving
The Times also covers the drug driving story, claiming that Government proposals could see those who fail a test banned for 12 months and fined up to 5000. The fine and ban would still be imposed even if there was no evidence the driver's performance was impaired.
The Times

Ecclestone divorce could be most expensive
The Financial Times reports that F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is facing the prospect of paying out a record divorce settlement to his wife Slavica. The billionaire is said to be worth around $3.8billion dollars.
The Financial Times

Eye, Eye Bernie
The Sun also covers the Ecclestones' impending divorce, citing the reason for the split being the difference in height between the two: 'at 6'2" wife didn't see eye to eye with 5'4" F1 boss', they say.
The Sun

US Car industry bail-out hits impasse
The US car industry's plea for a $25 billion (17b) state bail-out yesterday reached stalemate. It is said that the industry needs to be more specific about plans to restructure the ailing business. The 'big three' manufacturers, Chrysler, Ford and GM, have been given until December 2 to provide a viable recovery plan.
The Financial Times

One of US car giants could go bust
The Times reports that at least one of America's 'big three' car makers will go bust. The paper says that it could happen within weeks after the state bail-out plan was yesterday left in tatters.
The Times

Plates banned
The Sun reports that potentially offensive numberplates have been banned by licensing chiefs. Plates such as O54MA (Obama) and BOO4YY (boozy) have been removed from sale, as have plates mentioning sex or religion.
The Sun

Motorists can't win
The Daily Mail's cartoon of the day, shows two policeman hiding behind a wall, one with a speed camera in hand. He is saying to the other: 'If they go too slow we'll have 'em for kerb crawling, too fast and we'll ban 'em for speeding'.
The Daily Mail