Public favours pay-as-you drive roads

  • 80% say congestion is a 'serious problem'
  • Over half support pay-as-you-drive roads
  • but just 30% think doing so would cut congestion
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

Over a half of adults think motorists should be charged according to how often, when and where they use the roads, according to a new report from the from the Department for Transport

The report, called 'Public attitudes towards road congestion, November 2009 to February 2010', shows that seven in 10 people believe that a new charging scheme based on times of travel and route taken won't reduce congestion.

The problem, according to the majority people who think such a scheme won't cut congestion, is that drivers will not be able to change their behaviour.

The report also reveals:

β€’ More than four in five adults think that congestion is a serious problem
β€’ A quarter say that congestion is a problem on the majority of their journeys
β€’ Three in 10 say congestion is rarely a problem.
β€’ A quarter of motorway say they experience motorway congestion on a majority of these journeys
β€’ Two in five say they routinely start their journey at different times to avoid congestion
β€’ Over a third say they tend to take different routes or avoid motorways completely.