Renault's statement

Renault's statement

In a statement issued to What Car?, Renault said:

'Renault is a responsible manufacturer and takes the safety of its customers extremely seriously.

'Renault has investigated the cause of these incidents and worked with all the relevant authorities. No design or construction defect has been found. The bonnet catch of the MkII Clio is safe, reliable and fit for purpose, providing the vehicle is maintained correctly and the bonnet is closed as prescribed.

'Renault has taken several measures to respond to reports of MkII Clio bonnets opening while the car is being driven, which includes the letter sent to all 565,000 owners last year.

'Renault sourced details of MkII Clio owners from DVLA data. This is the same source Renault would use for a vehicle safety recall.

'We have also produced an instructional video explaining maintenance for MkII Clio and Clio Campus which can be found here.

'As part of our work with Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA), and with a view to ensuring that communication on this issue is as broad as possible, Renault has undertaken to issue a second mailing by recorded delivery to MkII Clio and Campus owners.

'This states that it is very important that owners make an appointment to visit their Renault dealership for the bonnet catch mechanism to be checked and, if necessary, replaced free of charge.'