Retro-fit DAB options

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Retro-fit DAB options

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Paul Everitt has suggested that digital radios and the engineers that fit them could have to meet quality standards, but what are the options?

Here we've listed some of the DAB retro-fit options you might like to consider if your car hasn't already got one. We've included units from 89 to 399, so there should be an option to suit everyone.

Retro-fit DAB options
Here are some DAB options to help you prepare for the switchover whenever it is.

Product Celsus MediaDAB
Price RRP 399.99 plus installation (around 80 depending on vehicle)
Available from 50 dealers nationwide, more info at [](http://
With no dashboard mounting and complete integration with the cars existing system, this is the neatest way to upgrade to DAB. Its not cheap though, with prices starting at a hefty 399 one for the premium brands.
Product Pure Highway 300Di
Price 179.99 (plus 24.99 fitting)
Available from Halfords
Pures latest dashboard-mounted unit is discreet, easy to use, free from trailing wires and doesnt require you to drill holes in your dash. Halfords is throwing in free installation until the end of 2011 and can move it to another vehicle should you choose to sell your car and keep the kit.
Product Pioneer Appradio
Price 400
Available from Halfords, Currys, Richer Sounds and more
The Pioneer accesses digital radio via an iPhone 4 or 4S rather than DAB. This means it relies on your phone keeping its signal to maintain the music, and requires you to have the latest Apple handset. However, with Bluetooth, AM/FM radio and many in-built apps, its a full gadget-fest replacement for your current head unit.
Product Parrot Asteroid
Price 299
Available from
This attractive internet radio is geared up for both the Android and the iPhone market, and also takes its connection via a smart phone. However, a 3G dongle should do the same job and hold the signal better.
Product Sonichi S1000
Price 89.99
Available from Halfords
This is the cheapest way to get digital radio in your car without stripping out the original unit, and the Sonichi is Halfords own-brand product.

Its simple in looks and should be easy to use, but will require cabling in the cars cabin.
Product Connects2 AutoDAB
Price tbc (but sub-200)
Available from [](http://
Like the Celsus, this system slots away under the dash and integrates with your existing system. Expect to see a few of Connects2s products in the future, because its Alfa Romeos DAB partner. It also fits into 19 other brands systems.