Revealed: the UK’s best used cars in 2021

Used cars are hot property, and this year that’s especially the case. With high demand and stiff prices, choosing the right car is vital. That’s where our annual used car awards come in.....

This really has been the year of the used car.Image 1 of 19

The market is booming, with demand increasing dramatically and the prices of some of the most popular cars up by as much as 10% over the course of this year. The huge release of pent-up demand, post-lockdown, kicked all this off, but accelerated as the semiconductor chip shortage has led to delays in the delivery of new cars.

More than ever, though, you’ll need to shop carefully to find them, and that’s where our Used Car of the Year Awards can really help you. Here, we’ve picked out our favourite cars in all the popular categories; please check them out before you start your shopping.

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