Satellite tracking of cars attacked

  • Government wants to track cars
  • Information would be used for road pricing
  • Expert says satellite tracking 'over the top'
Words By Jim Holder

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An article image

Proposals to track every motorist by satellite have been described as 'hopelessly over the top' by the former head of technology at the Department for Transport.

The Government is considering proposals to use satellite tracking to enforce a national road pricing scheme which would charge drivers according to what roads they used and what times they travelled.

Eric Sampson, who is now Professor of Transport at Newcastle University, has described satellite tracking as the 'most complex and most expensive' of the options available.

Sampson's comments come as the Government prepares to embark on a series of technology trials, including satellite tracking, to test how fees could be paid if road pricing is introduced in the UK.

He said the system would necessitate the building of transmitters into cars during manufacture and might not work in built-up areas.