Saturday is top car theft day

  • Saturday is most popular with car thieves
  • Sunday's the day to have contents stolen
  • Sat-navs still number one choice for thieves
Words By Pete Barden

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While most of us will be enjoying a weekend lie-in, the UK's thieves will be busy targeting your car, according to new research from insurance firm Elephant.co.uk.

The study revealed that Saturday's the day you're most likely to have your vehicle stolen, while Sunday is the number one choice for thieves to relieve your car of its contents.

Theft-of-vehicle claims
Here's the full list of when your car is most likely to be stolen
1. Saturday
2. Friday
3. Thursday
4. Monday
5. Sunday
6. Wednesday
7. Tuesday

Theft-from-vehicle claims
Here's the full list of when your car is most likely to have items stolen from it
1. Sunday
2. Tuesday
3. Saturday
4. Monday
5. Thursday
6. Wednesday
7. Friday

So, what are the thieves likely to steal from your car? Here are the top 10 items stolen from cars

1. Sat-nav
2. CDs
3. Stereo
4. iPod/MP3
5. Sunglasses
6. Mobile phone
7. Clothes
8. Computer
9. Car seat
10. Camera

Have a good weekend.

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