Latest 2018 scrappage scheme deals

There are still some great scrappage trade-in deals on offer, aimed at enticing owners out of their older cars. Find out how much you could get off your next new car

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Kia Stonic, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota C-HR, Mazda MX-5

If you drive an older car, especially a diesel, you could receive an incentive of up to Β£5000 for trading it in and buying a new, more efficient car.

A large number of car makers launched scrappage schemes last year and there are still some offering significant discounts on new cars, including Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Toyota. The new deals are designed to reduce the pollution caused by older diesel cars, as well as increase the uptake of low-emissions cars in the UK. Despite the sales of such cars rising by more than 30% over the past year, they still account for just 4.3% of the total market.

To qualify for the schemes, the car you're trading in must comply with Euro 1-4 emissions standards. Euro standards set the emissions limits for new cars; the first, Euro 1, was introduced in 1992, while Euro 4 became obsolete after 31 December 2009. You can check the Euro emissions standard of your car here.


Audi’s scrappage scheme has now ended, but you can still make substantial savings on new Audi models with What Car?'s New Car Buying service.

At the time of writing, savings of more than Β£2000 were available on the Audi A3, more than Β£3600 on the A4 saloon and more than Β£5000 on both the A7 Sportback and Q7 e-tron hybrid luxury SUV.

Find out how much you could save on a new Audi with New Car Buyer


The BMW scrappage scheme has been discontinued, but if you want a discount on a new car, visit our New Car Buying section or click on the Deals tab in any car review to see how much we could help you save.

Current offers include nearly 10% off the 3 Series, taking the price of a 320d SE down from Β£32,870 to Β£29,727. There are also savings of nearly 13% on the i3 electric hatchback, taking more than Β£4500 off the list price.

If you want a family SUV, our dealers are offering more than Β£2500 off the price of many X3 models, including our favourite xDrive 20d SE, taking its price down from Β£40,120 to Β£37,718.

See the savings on offer on BMWs with New Car Buyer


Although Ford’s scrappage discount for cars has finished, it’s still offering savings of up to Β£7000 on its light commercial vehicle (LCV) range.

There’s a flat scrappage saving on all new vans, and this can be combined with Ford’s manufacturer deposit contribution to create a maximum saving of Β£7000 on the larger version of the Transit.

The scheme covers cars first registered before 1 January 2012. To qualify, drivers must have owned their cars for at least 90 days.

Ford dealers are offering substantial discounts on cars via What Car?’s New Car Buyer service. You can save more than Β£4000 on a Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost petrol or more than Β£7000 on the electric version of the Focus.

If you’d rather have an SUV, there are discounts of Β£3000 on the Kuga and Β£5000 on the larger Edge.

Check out the Ford discounts being offered in New Car Buyer


Buyers can get up to Β£5000 off a new Hyundai when they trade in their older petrol or diesel car. To qualify, cars must have been registered before 31 December 2009, meaning they conform to Euro 1-4 standards.

The most polluting vehicles – those that comply with Euro 1-3 standards – will be scrapped under Hyundai's scheme, while owners of Euro 4 cars can trade in their cars instead, receiving a residual value calculated by used car expert CAP HPI.

Hyundai's discounts are in lieu of any other offer and apply to new cars registered before 30 September 2018.

The full list of Hyundai discounts is below:


Buyers can get Β£2000 off a new Kia Stonic, Cee'd or Picanto when they trade in their older car. To qualify, trade-in cars must have been registered before 31 March 2011, meaning they conform to Euro 1-4 standards.

The offer is only available on certain trim levels: the Stonic First Edition, Cee'd GT and Picanto GT-Line S. It will finish on 30 September 2018.


To qualify for Mazda's scheme, your petrol or diesel car must have been registered before 31 December 2010. When you trade it in, you'll be given up to Β£5000 off the price of a new Mazda, whether that's on a cash or PCP finance deal.

Mazda’s Scrappage Upgrade Plan is applicable for new cars with Skyactiv technology and CO2 emissions of less than 136g/km, and they must be registered before 30 September 2018.

Traded-in vehicles will be scrapped by CarTakeBack, which recycles 95% of components and materials.

The full list of discounted Mazda vehicles is below:

  • Mazda 2 – Β£3000
  • Mazda 3 – Β£5000
  • Mazda 3 Skyactiv-D diesel – Β£5000
  • Mazda 6 – Β£5000 (excluding the 2.0 145 auto, 2.0 165 and 2.5 GT Sport)
  • Mazda CX-3 – Β£4000 (diesels only)
  • Mazda CX-5 – Β£3500 (diesels only)


Mercedes' scrappage deal has been discontinued, but you can still get a discount on a new Mercedes with What Car?’s New Car Buying service.

Dealers on our site are offering savings of more than Β£3000 on the C-Class saloon or estate, a range of E-Class models and the GLC CoupΓ© SUV. If you want to splash out on an S-Class, the discount rises to almost Β£18,000.

Find out how much dealers are offering off new Mercedes cars on New Car Buyer


Mitusbishi’s scrappage deal has now ended, but you can still get a great deal on a new car with What Car?’s New Car Buying service.

At the time of writing, Mitsubishi dealers were offering a saving of nearly Β£3000 on the Outlander PHEV hybrid and Β£1500 on the diesel version of this large SUV.

Check out the savings on new Mitsubishi cars with New Car Buyer


Seat’s scrappage deal has now ended, but you can still get a great deal on a new car with What Car?’s New Car Buying service.

Substantial savings of more than Β£3000 on the Ibiza and Β£4000 on the Leon are available. If you prefer an SUV, you can get more than Β£2000 off an Arona and nearly Β£4000 off an Ateca.

How much could you save on a new Seat with New Car Buyer?


Skoda’s scrappage deal has now ended, but you can still get a great deal on a new car with What Car?’s New Car Buying service.

At the time of writing, dealers were offering more than Β£2500 off selected Octavia and Superb models, nearly Β£2000 off the Karoq small SUV and more than Β£3000 off the Kodiaq large SUV.

Check out the discounts being offered on new Skodas on New Car Buyer


Toyota has sold more than 7000 cars through its scrappage scheme since it was launched in September 2017. To encourage more people out of their older, more polluting cars, the brand is increased the saving on its Aygo city car from Β£1500 to Β£2000. It has also included its hybrid models in the scheme.

To qualify, your car must be more than seven years old (so cars registered before 2010 are eligible) and you must have owned it for at least six months. Any cars traded in under the scheme will be scrapped.

The initiative is for cars ordered by 30 September 2018 and registered by 10 September. The full list of discounted cars and their savings is below:

How to get the best deal for your car

These trade-in offers can look tempting, especially if you currently own an older diesel car, but it's still important to check what other deals and offers are available. Many of the car makers offering the schemes mentioned above are also offering regular discounts on top of their trade-in incentives, so it's worth haggling in the dealership.

What Car?'s Target Price is the most we think you should pay for a new car. It can often net you more than Β£2000 in savings, so check what this is for your desired model before you buy. Don't forget that you can buy a new car via What Car?. Our new car buyer marketplace has deals on thousands of new cars that are being offered at Target Price or less.

It's also important to know how much your current car is worth so you can be sure you're getting a fair deal overall. You can use What Car?'s free valuation tool to get private sale, trade-in and dealer part-exchange prices for your car, provided it was registered before 1998. We also offer advice on how to get the best price for your car.

Looking for a great new car? These five-star models all cost less than Β£20,000 to buy.

Five-star cars to buy for less than Β£20,000

Renault Zoe

Price from: Β£14,245 (after the Government's Β£4500 electric vehicle grant)

The Renault Zoe is one of the best electric cars around – in fact, we named it as our Electric Car of the Year at the 2017 What Car? Awards. It's quiet and easy to drive, has plenty of range and its low running costs make it very easy to recommend. Our favourite Dynamique Nav model comes with everything you're likely to want, including a 7.0in infotainment touchscreen, sat-nav, rear parking sensors and keyless entry.

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Mazda MX-5

Price from: Β£18,795

If driving fun is a high priority for your next car, then the Mazda MX-5 should be at the very top of your list. Not only is it great fun on the open road, it's also got a quality interior and a refined and fairly economical range of petrol engines. It's also the only new two-seat sports car you can buy at this price level – its closest competitor would be the Toyota GT86, and that's more than Β£8000 more expensive.

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Hyundai i10

Price from: Β£9540

The i10 is our favourite city car of 2017. It's cheap to buy and run, and is ideal for use around town, where its tight turning circle, light steering and small dimensions make practical sense. Rivals such as the Volkswagen Up have classier interiors, and entry-level versions of the i10 don't get important kit, such as air conditioning, but the i10's charm is hard to ignore. Opt for our recommended Premium SE version and you'll also get a heated steering wheel and a 7.0in touchscreen infotainment system.

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