Skoda's free winter health check

  • Freezing conditions cause wear
  • Battery, coolant, tyres and wipers
  • Prepare for more snow
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Skoda is offering owners a free winter health check on their cars.

Freezing conditions can damage parts and put extra strain on a car's internal systems, so participating Skoda dealers are giving owners the chance to have their car's 'health' checked for free.

The check will include areas such as battery condition, coolant levels, tyres and wiper blades.

Skoda's head of aftersales, John Bower, said: 'After a period of extreme weather like the UK recently experienced, it is essential that motorists carry out some basic checks to ensure their car is safe, legal and roadworthy.

'Our staff can undertake all these checks within around 20 minutes and could help prevent drivers being stuck on the side of the road for hours this winter, or worse, involved in an accident.'

Find participating dealers
A list of participating Skoda retailers can be found at www.skoda.co.uk by following the winter driving tips link.

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