So, why is supply so limited?

* Winter tyres shortage until January * 87.5% of stockists not expecting more this year * Most popular size in UK in short supply...

So, why is supply so limited?

A spokesman for Continental Tyres said: 'Despite the current shortage of winter tyres, the industry has provided retailers in the winter tyre markets with 10 to 20% more winter tyres than last year.

We have found that 2010 has been a real turning point in the UK market and despite a huge increase in the amount of stock available, unprecedented demand means availability is now low.'

Tyresafe, the tyre safety group, had this advice for those unable to procure winter tyres: 'Drivers not fitting winter tyres can maximise their safety by ensuring their tread depth is well in excess of the 1.6mm legal minimum, ensuring their pressures are at the right levels and the tyres are free from cuts and bulges.'