Superminis coming in 2013

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Superminis coming in 2013

Coming in 2013

Alfa Romeo Mito
What is it? Face-lifted and expanded supermini range
Price from 12,500 (est)

Alfa Romeo will introduce Twinair verions of the Mito during 2012, but it won't receive any cosmetic changes until the face-lifted version arrives in 2013.

The updates are likely to be fairly minor. The big news is that a five-door model will be added to the range.

Upgraded interior trim is also expected.
BMW i3
What is it? Revolutionary all-electric city car
Price from 28,000 (est)

The i3 is BMWs most radical model in years: an all-electric city car thats not much bigger than a VW Polo. The real i3s styling wont alter much.
What is it? All-new hatchback will be first in the new Mini family
Price from 12,000 (est)

Aims to build on success of the current car, so will have a similar look, but will be all-new. Expect three-pot engines and a five-door version.
Vauxhall Junior
What is it? Vauxhalls first premium supermini
Price from 12,000 (est)

Vauxhalls Mini or Fiat 500 a premium supermini based on a shortened Corsa platform, with cute styling, high-quality cabin and a price to match.