The 10 fastest-depreciating hybrid cars

High fuel prices have made hybrid cars more appealing than ever, but there are still some models that lose a huge proportion of their value over three years...

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Depreciation is something most new car buyers don't want to think about, but it's worth considering, because it's often the biggest expense of running a car.

That's even more likely to be the case if you're planning to keep day-to-day costs down by buying a fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid or hybrid car. Indeed, if you pick the wrong one, you could see its value drop by more than half in three years.

To help you avoid choosing a model that depreciates that fast, here we're revealing the 10 hybrids that lose the highest percentage of their value in the first 36 months and 36,000 miles of ownership. We've also revealed the hybrid cars which hold on to the most value separately.

In each case, you can read more about a model or see how much we can save you upfront to help offset its depreciation by clicking on the relevant links.

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