The cheapest company cars in 2022

Choose the right car and you could significantly reduce the amount you pay per month. These are the 10 cheapest company cars of all.....

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If you're choosing your next company car, naturally you'll want to pay as little as possible, and in the 2022/23 tax year, that means going electric.

That's because electric cars cost next to nothing in tax, being rated at just 2% of your car's taxable value (the P11D price) for the coming tax year. Choose a petrol or diesel with emissions of 100g/km instead and you’ll be taxed on 25% of the P11D price. With that in mind, it's no wonder so many business drivers are switching to electric power.

And while an electric car won't suit everyone, the list of reasons to avoid them is becoming increasingly short, especially if you can charge it at home or work.

Rated by monthly tax bill, these are the very cheapest company cars in 2022. Our calculations are based on a 40% tax payer; if you're a 20% tax payer, just halve our figures.

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