The best electric company cars you can get in the UK

Electric cars make financial sense for fleet drivers because of their ultra-low BIK tax rate, but which model should you pick? These are the best electric company cars in 2024.....

White Tesla Model 3 plugged into a Tesla charger

If you're shopping for a new company car, you'll probably know that an electric vehicle attracts dramatically less tax than a petrol, diesel or hybrid model.

And while money isn't everything, the potential savings over the course of a year are a big incentive to go electric. So, if you decide a car you need to charge up rather than fill with petrol or diesel will suit your job commitments, which model should you pick? 

This top 10 of the best electric company cars in the UK will tell you exactly that. 

Our expert road testers have considered how well each car does as a fleet vehicle, so we've looked at performance and handling, practicality and comfort.

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We've also considered the all-important electric ranges and charging speeds – which are particularly crucial to company car drivers who clock up big mileages.

For each car model, we give our team's overall rating out of five stars, the cheapest version in terms of company car tax payments at the time of writing, the list price of that version and its monthly BIK tax figures for 20% and 40% taxpayers.

To help you on your quest for the best electric fleet car for you, you can find lots more information about what each model is like to drive and live with in our detailed new car reviews. We've included a link to the relevant review below each car's description on this page.

Here are our top 10 most recommendable electric cars for company car drivers...

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The best electric fleet cars in the UK in 2024

1. Tesla Model 3

Red Tesla Model 3 front cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax RWD
List price £39,935
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £13.33
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £26.67

The Model 3 currently tops our list of the best company cars (electric, petrol, diesel or otherwise) so it's no surprise that it's also our best electric company car. One key to its success is a competitive official range and Tesla’s superb charging network. It's also quick and comfortable, with a firm – but not too firm – ride. If you still need convincing, bear in mind that the Model 3 was named Best Executive Car at our Car of the Year Awards.

Tesla Model 3 review

2. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Blue Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 300kW RWD
P11D price £80,200
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £26.75
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £53.50

The Porsche Taycan proves that electric cars can also be incredible to drive, and the Cross Turismo is one of two more practical "estate car" versions that get extra boot space and rear head room (the other is the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo). We think it's a great choice as a company car because it allows you to tap into the tax savings electrified motoring brings while also driving an entertaining model with a superbly plush Porsche interior.

Orange MG4 EV front right driving

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 125kW SE
List price £26,940
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £9
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £18

Our review of the MG4 describes it as "staggering value for money", and it's hard to argue with that – especially when you look at its monthly cost as a company car. That doesn't mean it's cheap and nasty though. You get a good level of standard equipment and a useful battery range, plus a decent amount of interior space. There are objectively better small electric cars, but if you like to keep your outgoings to a minimum, the MG4 is an excellent choice. 

MG4 EV review

4. Cupra Born

White Cupra Born rear cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 58kWh V1
List price £36,420
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £12.17
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £24.25

We named the Born our Best Small Electric Car in 2022 and Best Small Electric Car to Drive for 2024, so it has our road testers' seal of approval. For your modest BIK tax outlay, you get a sharper handling (and arguably sharper looking) take on the related VW ID 3, with a smart interior and good rear-seat space. The infotainment controls can be annoying, but the Born remains a five-star electric car and a good choice for a fleet.

Cupra Born review

5. BYD Seal

Blue BYD Seal front left static

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax Design
P11D price £45,640
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £15.25
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £30.42

BYD (which stands for Build Your Dreams) is a Chinese brand making a move on the UK electric-car market, and the Seal is its attempt to unseat the Model 3 from its throne. The model's strength is a long official range, and as you can see from its four-star review rating and position in this top 10, it's a strong contender, but it's held back by having a slower maximum charging speed than key rivals among executive electric cars.

BMW i4 rear cornering

What Car? rating 5/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 70kWh eDrive35 Sport
P11D price £50,700
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £16.92
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £33.83

The i4 is one of those models that wears its electric-car credentials lightly – you may have seen one out on the road and not realised it has a battery and one or two motors instead of an engine. So, if your company car of choice has traditionally been a BMW 3 Series, it's a logical step into an i4, and with its excellent performance, range and interior, one we think makes a lot of sense. 

BMW i4 review

7. Volkswagen ID 3

VW ID.3 front cornering

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 58kWh Essential Pro
P11D price £35,645
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £11.92
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £23.75

When it was launched, the ID 3 showed that its maker was very serious indeed about its electric future. It looked like nothing else, and that funky style was backed up by generous quantities of space in both the front and back seats, while the boot is similarly practical. Better still, a mid-life update has improved the interior and sharpened up its looks.

VW ID 3 review

8. Volkswagen ID 7

Blue VW ID 7 right driving

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 77kWh Match Pro
P11D price £51,495
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £17.17
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £34.33

The ID 7 picks up where the now retired VW Passat left off, and gives executive-car drivers an electric option designed for clocking up motorway miles and serving as a practical car for family trips at the weekend. And it does all that very well, with a good range, great cruising comfort and a What Car? Best Car for Safety award.

VW ID 7 review

9. Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai Ioniq 6 rear cornering

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 77kWh Premium
P11D price £46,985
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £15.67
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £31.33

Our review of the swoopily styled Ioniq 6 describes it as a very good electric car that's slightly let down by its battery efficiency and interior quality. Its strengths are its ability to charge up very quickly and provide a hushed environment for motorway cruising, so if those are important to you, it could be just the executive transport you're looking for.

Hyundai Ioniq 6

10. BMW i5

BMW i5 front cornering

What Car? rating 4/5
Cheapest version for BIK tax 58kWh V2
P11D price £74,050
Monthly BIK tax at 20% £24.67
Monthly BIK tax at 40% £49.33

The i5 follows the example of the latest BMW SUVs by joining the German brand's line-up alongside a petrol-powered twin (the BMW 5 Series as you've no doubt guessed from the name). It's a very impressive luxury cruiser, with great handling, a wonderful interior and a top-of-the-class iDrive infotainment system, but the battery range isn't up there with some rivals.

BMW i5 review

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