The competition

* All the details on new 3 Series * How it compares with new A4 * Other compact executives to look at...

The competition

So, you are not convinced by the new 3 Series? Some buyers simply don't like the BMW's looks or the BMW badge.

Here, we rate all the cars in the compact exec sector.

Alfa Romeo 159
Alfa will stop making the 159 early next year, so you can get big four-figure discounts on the car now. Would we buy one? No.

Here's why: Alfa Romeo 159 review

Alpina D3
Alpina takes the current BMW 3 Series and makes it a bit better.
Find out more: Alpina D3 review

Audi A4
We'll be driving the updated A4 at the end of this month, but you can see what we think of the current car by clicking the link below.
Audi A4 review

Audi A5 Sportback
Coupe-like looks and a practical boot? Sounds pretty good. It's pretty average actually.
Audi A5 Sportback review

Infiniti G Series
If your pockets are deep enough, the G37 saloon is a fast compact executive thats a bit left-field.
Infiniti G Series review

Lexus IS
The IS scores well in some respects, but in key areas it falls well short of the best cars in this class.
Lexus IS review

Mercedes C-Class
The C-Class is a successful blend of Mercedes values with a more contemporary edge.
Mercedes C-Class review

Saab 9-3
A distinctive and cheaper alternative to its German rivals, but not up to their high overall standards.
Saab 9-3 review

Volvo S60
The S60 is a well-rounded and appealing alternative to its German rivals. It scores particularly highly for safety and comfort.
Volvo S60 review