The electric cars with the longest ranges, and how much you can save on them

Like the idea of an electric car, but worried about range? Here we reveal the electric model from each brand that can go furthest on a charge – plus the discounts currently available...

The electric cars with the longest ranges, and how much you can save on themImage 1 of 29

The issue of 'range anxiety' can be one of the biggest sticking points when choosing to buy an electric car. It needn't be, though, because battery technology and charging speeds have improved significantly in recent years.

Some electric cars can now travel as far as an equivalent petrol or diesel-engined model, and can be charged from 10-80% of their battery capacity in as little as 20 minutes if you can find a powerful enough charging point. However, they are still not for everyone, and a few have ranges that limit their usability. 

So which electric cars can travel the farthest? Here, we'll walk you through the models with the longest ranges from each manufacturer. We'll also reveal how much you can save by using our Target Price deals and our free What Car? New Car Buying service.

We've presented the official ranges of each car listed, as determined by the WLTP test cycle. And where a car has been included in our Winter or Summer range Tests, we've also included our real-world range figures.

You can follow the links on each slide to read our full review of the model and see our latest deals.