Real Range: which electric car can go farthest in the real world?

Range anxiety still stops many people from going electric, so we test how far EVs can really go between charges. Here we reveal the best and worst performers...

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One by one, the barriers to electric car ownership are being removed, as charging infrastructure improves, costs come down and the cars themselves become as luxurious as conventional models. But what about range anxiety?

For all the improvements, this nagging concern that the battery will run flat before you get to where you’re going continues to put many people off.

It doesn’t help that official figures are unrealistic. So, twice a year (in the height of summer and the depths of winter) we put a selection of electric cars through a ‘drive ’em till they die’ endurance test to find out how far they can really go on a full charge.

The reason for carrying out tests in both hot and cold weather is that battery efficiency can decline significantly when the temperature falls.

Below we reveal all of the results we have so far, from best to worst

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Mercedes EQE 300 AMG Line Premium

Mercedes EQE front right tracking

Official range 365 miles Summer Real Range 329 miles (tested 2023) Winter Real Range 300 miles (tested 2024)

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range (pre-facelift)

Tesla Model 3 2021 front cornering

Official range 374 miles Summer Real Range 324 miles (2023) Winter Real Range 281 miles (2022)

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BMW i4 eDrive40 M Sport/M Sport Pro Pack

BMW i4 front cornering

Official range 340-345 miles Summer Real Range 316 miles (2022) Winter Real Range 261 miles (2023)

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Tesla Model Y Long Range

Tesla Model Y 2022 front pan

Official range 331 miles Summer Real Range 304 miles (2022) Winter Real Range 272 miles (2023)

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Tesla Model 3 front cornering

Official range 390 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 293 miles (2024)

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Hyundai Ioniq 6 RWD Ultimate

Hyundai Ioniq 6 front right driving

Official range 338 miles Summer Real Range 292 miles (2023) Winter Real Range na

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Volkswagen ID 5 Pro Performance Style

Volkswagen ID 5 2022 front right tracking

Official range 315 miles Summer Real Range 281 miles (2022) Winter Real Range na

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Genesis GV60 RWD Premium

New Genesis GV60 front panning

Official range 321 miles Summer Real Range 280 miles (2023) Winter Real Range 251 miles (2023)

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Kia EV6 RWD GT-Line

Kia EV6 2023 front

Official range 328 miles Summer Real Range 278 miles (2022) Winter Real Range 228 miles (2022)

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Nissan Ariya 87kWh Evolve

Nissan Ariya front cornering

Official range 322 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 269 miles (2023)

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Volkswagen ID 7 Pro Match (with heat pump)

VW ID 7 front cornering

Official range 381 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 268 miles (2024)

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Tesla Model 3 RWD (pre-facelift)

Tesla Model 3 2023 front right tracking

Official range 305 miles Summer Real Range 262 miles (2023) Winter Real Range na

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BYD Seal Design

White BYD Seal front right driving

Official range 355 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 255 miles (2024)

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Volkswagen ID 7 Pro Match (no heat pump)

Volkswagen ID 7 side

Official range 383 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 254 miles (2024)

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BMW i5 eDrive40 M Sport Pro

Blue BMW i5 front cornering

Official range 338 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 253 miles (2024)

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BMW iX3 M Sport Pro

LT BMW iX3 cornering in town

Official range 282 miles Summer Real Range 253 miles (2022) Winter Real Range 212 miles (2022)

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Kia Niro EV 4

Kia Niro EV front cornering

Official range 285 miles Summer Real Range 253 miles (2022) Winter Real Range na

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MG 4 Long Range SE/Trophy

MG 4 EV front tracking

Official range 270-281 miles Summer Real Range 253 miles (2023) Winter Real Range 196 miles (2023)

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Ford Mustang Mach-E Extended Range RWD

Ford Mustang Mach-E front cornering

Official range 379 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 247 miles (2022)

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MG ZS EV Long Range SE

MG ZS EV front left driving

Official range 273 miles Summer Real Range 246 miles (2022) Winter Real Range na

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Smart #1 Premium

Smart #1 front cornering

Official range 273 miles Summer Real Range 245 miles (2023) Winter Real Range na

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Volkswagen ID Buzz Style

Volkswagen ID Buzz

Official range 255 miles Summer Real Range 236 miles (2023) Winter Real Range 192 miles (2023)

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Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin Motor Plus

Volvo XC40 Recharge front cornering

Official range 331 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 232 miles (2024)

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MG 4 Extended Range Trophy

White MG4 EV right driving

Official range 323 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 227 miles (2024)

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Volvo XC40 Recharge Single Motor Plus

Volvo XC40 Recharge front cornering

Official range 263 miles Summer Real Range 226 miles (2022) Winter Real Range na

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Porsche Taycan 4S Performance Battery Plus

Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Porsche Taycan

Official range 287 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 224 miles (2022)

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Cupra Born 58kWh V3

Best electric family car 2022 - Cupra Born front

Official range 249-255 miles Summer Real Range 219 miles (2022) Winter Real Range 182 miles (2023)

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BYD Atto 3 Design

BYD Atto 3 front cornering

Official range 260 miles Summer Real Range 215 miles (2023) Winter Real Range na

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Audi Q4 e-tron 50 quattro S line

Audi Q4 e-tron front cornering

Official range 290 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 201 miles (2022)

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Jaguar I-Pace EV400 R-Dynamic HSE Black

Jaguar I-Pace front cornering

Official range 261 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 197 miles (2023)

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Renault Megane E-Tech Techno (20in wheels)

Renault Megane E-Tech front right tracking

Official range 270 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 189 miles (2023)

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BYD Dolphin Design

BYD Dolphin front cornering

Official range 265 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 188 miles (2024)

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Renault Megane E-Tech Equilibre (18in wheels)

Renault Megane E-Tech LT front

Official range 275 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 187 miles (2023)

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Skoda Enyaq iV 60

Skoda Enyaq used electric large SUV front cornering

Official range 249 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 174 miles (2022)

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Lexus UX 300e Takumi

Lexus UX300e 2021 front

Official range 273 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 170 miles (2024)

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MG 5 Long Range Exclusive

MG 5 used electric estate car front

Official range 250 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 167 miles (2022)

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Jeep Avenger Summit

Yellow Jeep Avenger front cornering

Official range 244 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 163 miles (2024)

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Lexus RZ 450e Takumi

Lexus RZ front cornering

Official range 251 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 159 miles (2024)

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Abarth 500e Turismo

Abarth 500e front left driving

Official range 157 miles Summer Real Range 138 miles (2023) Winter Real Range na

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Ora Funky Cat First Edition

ORA Funky Cat front right tracking

Official range 183 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 130 miles (2023)

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Fiat 500 42kWh Icon

Fiat 500 2022 front

Official range 198 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 118 miles (2022)

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Mini Electric Resolute

Mini Electric front cornering

Official range 141 miles Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 113 miles (2023)

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And the used electric cars we've tested...

2017 Renault Zoe ZE40 R90 Dynamique Nav

Renault Zoe

Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 145 miles (2023)

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2013 BMW i3 60Ah

BMW i3 video road test

Summer Real Range na Winter Real Range 64 miles (2023)

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