The final figures

* Our adventures with two French hot hatches * The Citroen DS3 and Renault Megane Renaulsport * Our verdicts revealed, here...

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24 Oct 2011 9:30 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Another difference in the cars was how much mechanical attention they needed. The DS3 E didnt need a service in its year with us; the first oil change wasnt due until 20,000 miles.

The Mgane visited the service department far more. Despite having the tyres swapped front to rear at 7000 miles to even up the wear, it needed two new ones after 11,000 miles. They werent too expensive at 387, supplied and fitted by Next came the first service at 12,500 miles. It was done by Renault Croydon (020 8276 4077), who were joint-cheapest at 219 (another dealer quoted 315).

The waiting area wasnt the most luxurious, but the staff were polite and the job was finished on time. Unfortunately, the Mgane also needed some repair work. A driver sitting behind the yellow Renault at a T-junction somehow thought wed moved off and promptly drove into the back of it, damaging the bumper and exhaust.

Wear and tear were slightly disappointing for both cars. The DS3 had a couple of dashboard rattles, whereas the Mganes boot carpet was frayed and the leather on the side of the drivers seat which you brush against as you got in and out was badly worn after just nine months.