Time for tea

* Porsche driving experience * Ice driving in Arctic Finland * Porsche-run course...

Time for tea

Action stops halfway through the morning for a hot, soothing cuppa, so everyone gathers at one spot and starts babbling about drift angles, power oversteer and various unplanned excursions into the snowbanks.

Again, we wonder about the sturdiness of the frozen water we're taking advantage of, because with 25 two-tonne Panameras, a couple of Cayennes, a couple of 911s, a Ford Focus Estate and a tractor all in one place, it's keeping a lot of weight out of the freezing depths. Best not to think about it.

After the break we're put in the four-wheel-drive Panamera 4S and taken to a similar slalom course to the one we've just done to demonstrate the difference in behaviour between 2WD and 4WD. It's a marked change where you steer into a skid to keep the two-wheel-drive Panamera pointing the right way, you have to keep the power on in the four-wheel-drive version and make minimal steering corrections to change your line.

It's a much less instinctive way to drive, because most people end up correcting the steering too much and lurching between turns with the car resolutely heading towards the outside snowbank. You have to slow down early, get the nose of the car into the corner early and keep the power on the nose might be pointing at the inside snow bank, but you'll get round. That's the theory, anyway.