Top 10 small family cars

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Top 10 small family cars

In our top 10 list of small family hatchbacks (and one saloon) you'll find great cars that should suit most needs and and budgets. Check out the great deals we've got, too.

1. Volkswagen Golf
Desirable, refined and great to drive, it's one of the best all-rounders, and deservedly our 2011 Small Family Car of the Year.

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**2. Skoda Octavia
One of the most spacious cars in the class and great value for money.

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3. Ford Focus
A superbly rounded family hatchback thats well specified, competitively priced and great to drive.

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4. Toyota Prius
The Prius makes a great family car as well as a great green car, thanks to the spacious cabin and big boot.

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5. Hyundai i30
A competent small family car with an outstanding warranty package. Solid, if a little uninspiring, but you can't argue with the price.

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6. Nissan Leaf
The future looks bright, because the world's first mass-produced electric car is fast, fun and comfortable.

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7. Mazda 3
A fresh and funky approach in an otherwise conservative market. The 3 backs up its snazzy looks with a sporty drive.

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8. Volkswagen Jetta
A very likeable, very capable, compact saloon designed to appeal to those looking to downsize from larger family cars.

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9. Alfa Romeo Giulietta
An interesting and capable alternative to the class favourites, if not quite as rounded as the best

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10. Kia Cee'd
An excellent ownership proposition, bolstered by the exceptional seven-year warranty.

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