Top 10 used cars of 2011 revealed

* Used car sales fall 0.43% in 2011 * Ford Fiesta remains best seller * 6,768,759 cars sold in total...

Top 10 used cars of 2011 revealed

Figures detailing the best-selling used cars of 2011 have been released by data company Experian.

The Ford Fiesta took the top spot, with 290,254 cars sold during the year. Thats a 1.5% increase over 2010's figures.

Overall, 6,768,759 cars were sold in 2011, that's 29,030 less than in 2010, or a 0.43% fall.

The top ten best-selling used cars were:

Ford Fiesta
Vauxhall Corsa
Ford Focus
Vauxhall Astra
Volkswagen Golf
BMW 3 Series
Renault Clio
Ford Mondeo
Peugeot 206
Vauxhall Vectra

The top 10 used cars remained the same as in 2010, but the Ford Focus moved ahead of the Vauxhall Astra, and the Peugeot 206 ahead of the Vauxhall Vectra in terms of sales in 2011.

Alistair Scullion, managing director at Experian Automotive, said: Experians analysis shows that smaller, more fuel-efficient cars continue to be the most popular used vehicle for British consumers.

Rory White