Top 10 used MPVS for less than £10,000

If you've got £10,000 to spend and you want a practical car don't overlook an MPV. But which one should be on your shortlist? We've got 10 of the best here.....

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Mark Pearson
11 November 2015

Top 10 used MPVS for less than £10,000
Top 10 used MPVS for less than £10,000

The venerable Ford Galaxy has long been one of the prime candidates for buyers in need of as much space as possible, without resorting to a minibus. It is, quite simply, enormous, with seating for seven adults and even a bit of space for luggage. The downside to that size is that there are smaller seven-seaters that might be better-suited if you only need that third row occasionally. Nevertheless, if space is all, there’s little better for this sort of money. Powershift automatics can be troublesome and need frequent fluid changes, so check the history for evidence of this, and avoid ex-taxis.

We found: 2013 2.0TDCi 140 Powershift, 75,000 miles, £9995

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6. Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

A flimsy interior with cheap plastics and fabrics that don’t wear well is a downside in any family car, and so it goes with the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso. But look at the positives: the Grand C4 Picasso is one of the most comfortable MPVs around, and blessed with versatile seating and loads of space. You also get a decent amount of equipment and the engine range is fuel-efficient. With all that going for it, you might be able to overlook the Grand C4 Picasso’s slightly lightweight nature – especially when you bear in mind that low purchase prices make it look like great value. Automatic gearboxes are jerky, so best avoided, and check all the electrics work on your test drive.

We found: 2015 1.6 HDi Platinum, 48,000 miles,  £9995

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5. Volkswagen Touran

Top 10 used MPVS for less than £10,000

There isn’t much to dislike about the VW Touran. Mind you, there isn’t an awful lot that’ll make you want one with all your heart and soul, either. But as dour as it is, this is a thoroughly practical, sensible MPV that makes up in pragmatism what it lacks in character. A good, frugal range of engines, a flexible seating arrangement, a solidly-built interior and decent equipment levels are highlights, making this a car that makes travelling en famille as easy as pie. Seven-speed automatic gearboxes can be troublesome, and check you’re happy with the situation surrounding the proposed VW emissions fix before signing on the dotted line.

We found: 2015 1.6 TDi S, 74,000 miles, £9495

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