Top 10 used sports cars

A great sports car nails its driving experience, from acceleration to handling, and should be great fun. Our top 10 used buys are all great value, too...

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sports car is very much a purchase of the heart. Whether you're intrigued by the thought of style, performance or an exciting drive, you want something that'll make you grin from ear to ear – a car that'll make you feel like it's Christmas every time you hop in the driver's seat. 

Satisfying these cravings can cost a lot of money, though, so buying your sports car used makes a lot of sense. Price is just one of the factors that we take into account when judging which sports cars are the best, though; they need to be thrilling, of course, plus none that we recommend will be a burden to live with. 

Take your pick of these 10. All are great to drive, sometimes for different reasons.

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