Toyota admits failings over recall

* Toyota's US boss apologises * He admits failures in handling of recall * Akio Toyoda to face US hearing...

Toyota admits failings over recall

The Toyota recall story rumbles on as the companys US chief admits it was slow to react.

In a written statement, Toyota's US boss, James Lentz, said: 'In recent months, we have not lived up to the high standards our customers and the public have come to expect from Toyota.

'It has taken us too long to come to grips with a rare, but serious set of safety issues, despite all of our good faith and efforts.

'The problem has also been compounded by poor communications both within our company and with regulators and consumers.

'In the case of sticking accelerator pedals, we failed to promptly analyse and respond to information emerging from Europe and the United States.

'We acknowledge these mistakes, we apologise for them and we have learned from them.'

Toyota's president to face the music
Akio Toyoda, grandson of the companys founder, will face the US Congressional hearing tomorrow. He has previously been criticised for not bowing deeply enough during his formal public apology and for stumbling with his English in the carefully worded statement.