Used Car of the Year Awards 2023: Overall winner

With living costs on the rise, getting a good deal on your next car is more important than ever. Here we reveal our overall Used Car of the Year and why it won...

OVERALL WINNER: Used Car of the Year

BMW 530e (2017-present)

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This year, all of our eight category winners had so much to offer that choosing just one victor initially seemed like it was going to require the judgement of Solomon.

For example, a used Mazda CX-5 is a terrific all-rounder. If you’re after a used SUV to transport your family around in, it’s almost impossible to overlook, being great to drive, practical, classy and, above all, superb value for money.

Similarly compelling is a used Volkswagen Passat Estate. It may have been around for years, but its virtues are timeless: it’s huge inside, beautifully made and comfortable to ride in. If you’re after an affordable load-lugger with a premium feel, it’s a great choice.

BMW 530e 2021 dashboard

And who could resist the joys of owning an Audi TT, or the eco-credentials and all-round desirability of a Tesla Model 3?

In the end, though, one car stood out over all the others. A used BMW 530e may look, at first glance, to be just another large and opulent car that, with a few miles under its belt, has become decently cheap to buy. But when we delved deep into its long list of attributes, it became apparent that it was not only a really desirable car but also a terrific used buy.

And it was that exceptional value that, in the end, gave it the edge over the other cars here. Simply put, none of the others offers so much of such a good thing for so little.

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