VW Group to vastly expand range of cars

* VW boss wants more models and bodystyles * Models also to be revised more quickly * Plan to become world's number one car maker...

VW Group to vastly expand range of cars

VW Group boss Martin Winterkorn has committed the company to making an ever-greater variety of models in the future.

Even though the group comprises 12 brands, including Audi, Bentley, Seat and Skoda, making 310 models, Winterkorn revealed that he want to grow that further.

‘We need even more bodystyles and give our customers even more chance to personalise them,’ he told What Car? at the VW Group’s annual investor conference.

Winterkorn also said models will be replaced or revised much more quickly than in the past. At the moment, cars are typically on sale for seven years before being superceded.

In the coming year the VW Group will replace a number of models. The Audi A4 and Q7, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and Superb, plus the Volkswagen Passat will all be replaced with new models. There will also be a new SUV for the US market and a new large saloon and coupe for China.

Winterkorn also reiterated his ambitions that the VW Group become the world’s biggest car maker by 2018. Toyota holds the number one slot.