What the papers say: December 15

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What the papers say: December 15

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Inchcape cuts workforce Car dealer group Inchcape has announced that it's cutting 1900 jobs worldwide and freezing its final shares dividend for 2008.
Financial Times

America split on car maker bail-out The Times spins an American Civil war analogy in the continuing will-it won't-story of the US government bailing out troubled car makers Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. The Republican Senators who scuppered the bail-out last week are being cast as Confederate South, while the car unions, mainly based in the north, are the Yankees.
The Times

Two die in flash floods The Mirror reports that two drivers have been killed in flash floods that hit the South West last night.
The Mirror

Crazy road signs On a less-serious note, the Mirror's website runs a picture gallery on the world's craziest road signs, including a sign with two rabbits copulating outside a brothel in Nevada.
The Mirror

Limited rescue plan for UK car industry The Independent reports that Lord Mandelson is planning a limited bail-out of the UK car industry and could announce plans this week. The scheme is nowhere near the size of the package being discussed to help the US car industry, but the Government could consider giving manufacturers low-interest loans to help them to finance more zero per cent credit offers for potential customers.
The Independent

Credit Crunch could affect new Forth road bridge The Scotsman reports that massive public sector building projects including the new Forth road bridge could be put at risk if the construction industry continues to contract.
The Scotsman