What the papers say: December 17

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What the papers say: December 17
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What Car? Staff
17 Dec 2008 11:44

What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Car industry is spluttering to a halt
The Times reports that the UK car industry is facing a national emergency. Ministers have been warned that an immediate cash injection is needed before the industry stalls and closures become a reality. The news follows Toyota's announcement that its factory near Derby would close for two weeks early next year. The paper says that aid is being held up by a Government that's fearful of creating a precedent for other troubled industries.
The Times

Miles are safe
It's official: Britain has finally won its battle to keep 'miles' rather than be forced to accept kilometres as measurement for speed and distance, according to the Daily Mail. The paper reports that Brussels has finally conceded defeat in its campaign against imperial measurements.
Daily Mail

Saudis call for biggest single production cut
Saudi Arabia yesterday called for the largest single cut in oil production, according to the Financial Times. After witnessing the price of a barrel of crude oil fall by over $100 in the past six months, the nation's oil producers have called for a cut in production of up to 2 million barrels a day. The result could see increases in fuel prices.
Financial Times

Hell on wheels coming to town
Picturesque towns and villages in Somerset and Dorset could soon be rudely awakened by up to 30,000 cars and lorries each day, reports The Daily Telegraph. The fears follow news that large sections of the A303, one of Britain's busiest roads, will be closed for up to three months while repairs are made. The works are due to start in February
The Daily Telegraph

How to show off in a recession
The Times reports that during a recession flaunting wealth is vulgar and insensitive. The paper publishes its 'no showing off' guide to give us all a few pointers. When it comes to what car you should drive, the paper uses a BMW 'tractor' as its 'then' example, to be replaced with its 'now' suggestion - a Fiat Cinquecento.
The Times

Subaru joins the exodus
Subaru, one of the World Rally Championship's (WRC) most iconic teams, has joined the sudden exodus of Japanese teams from motorsport, reports The Times. The manufacturer spent nearly two decades in the sport, and closely follows Honda's exit from Formula One and Suzuki from WRC in the past fortnight.
The Times

Breakdown woes of British motorists
The Daily Telegraph has a report on the most bizarre requests for assistance received by Britain's breakdown services. From drivers locked out of their cars by pets, to a driver who was convinced his central locking was broken only for the patrolman to reveal the motorist was attempting to enter the wrong car. Other incidents involved a kitten in the dashboard, and a broken-down van with an alligator in the back.
The Daily Telegraph

Sabbaticals the deal
The Daily Mail publishes a 30-second guide to sabbaticals after the revelation that Vauxhall is to offer its 4500 UK staff up to nine months off work. The paper says the 70% pay cut may not suit everyone, but it could still be better than the alternative redundancy.
Daily Mail