Where can you recycle your car safely?

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Where can you recycle your car safely?

So how do you recycle your car? Well, there are over 1000 Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) registered in the UK which can dismantle vehicles and remove their pollutants - your car's manufacturer should also be able to find your nearest one.

The last owner is issued with a Certificate of Destruction to be given to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to show that the car has been correctly processed and scrapped. Only an ATF can issue this.

Don't worry if your car's not a runner, because you shouldn't have to pay for its collection - the car's manufacturer will be willing to cover any shortfall from the recycling process.

The European Union plans for 95% of all automotive waste to be recovered by 2015. Manufacturers are also being encouraged to clearly label some of the modern materials used in today's cars, as well as design vehicles that are easier to recycle.