Why you need breakdown cover

9 Jun 2008 11:0 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Modern cars are far more reliable than those of just 10 years ago, so you may have enjoyed relatively hassle-free motoring.

Your luck could run out, though - and if it does, youll be in for a real headache if you haven't got adequate breakdown cover.

It can cost from as little as 25 - and some insurance companies even offer cover free when you take out a policy - but beware: basic policies only provide limited cover.

For example, you'll probably be on your own if you have any car trouble at home.

So, if you rely on your car for getting to work, it's worth the extra for something like the AA's Home Start to avoid paying a local garage a hefty fee.

Basic cover will also probably only include recovery to the nearest garage, which means you'll be forced to hand over whatever they charge for the repair.

Pay a little more for a policy like Green Flag's Recovery, and you'll be able to choose where you want to be taken - along with your car.

If you're taking your car abroad, make sure you are covered there as well.

Many holidaymakers check they're insured outside the UK, but don't consider the possibility of a breakdown abroad - and this can be very costly.

If you have a standard policy with The AA, RAC or Gleen Flag, it's likely to only cover you in the UK.

Read on to see the best of the available options.