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Passenger & boot space

Polestar 1 2019 LHD infotainment
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space is truly generous, with loads of head room, seats that go a long way back and plenty of width to the interior, too. We also found ample storage for our pocket detritus, a couple of big drinks and a few road snacks, too. Only the cubby under the central armrest is a bit stingy, with just about enough room for a smartphone and its cable. Blame one of the battery packs being located underneath the central tunnel for that.

Move to the two rear seats, and things aren’t quite so rosy. Realistically, they’re suitable for children only; our dinkiest 5’ 3” tester only just had enough head room, and their legs were pinned in place when a six-foot driver was sitting in front. 

In fact, we suspect the rear seats will be frequently pressed into service as additional luggage space. Look in the boot and you get a view of some of the electrical connectors, which are displayed behind a perspex cover and remind you of why the boot is significantly smaller than a Volkswagen Up’s. More luggage space is taken up by the sizeable bag for the charging cables.

Polestar 1 2019 LHD front seats
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