For The Cadillac CTS looks better than many of its rivals. It's stuffed with kit and has the classiest cabin of any Cadillac.

Against It doesn't make any sense financially and doesn't ride or handle with the same polish as rivals. The engines feel a bit gutless for their size, too.

Cadillac CTS Saloon
11 5stars

The Cadillac CTS makes an interesting alternative to the more established cars in the class, and it looks the part. It'll cost you an awful lot to run, though, and it's neither as good to drive nor as classy inside as rivals.

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There are 4 Cadillac CTS versions available

Saloon 3.0 V6 Elegance auto 4dr £40,897
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
Saloon 3.6 V6 Sports Luxury 4dr £45,241
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
Saloon 3.6 V6 AWD Sports Luxury 4dr £46,977
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5
Saloon 6.2 V8 V 4dr £65,766
What Car? says:1 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

Cadillac CTS buyers don't pay very much in comparison to those who buy BMWs and Mercedes, and they get stacks of kit for their money.

Don't sign on the dotted line just yet, though. While you can easily get four-figure discounts from your BMW or Mercedes dealer on a 5 Series or E-Class, Cadillac dealers won't be so willing to haggle. That's if you can find one in the first place, because dealers are so few and far between in the UK. That can also make servicing tricky.

However much you manage to save on buying your CTS, you'll pay a bomb to run it. Big petrol engines are the only choices, so fuel bills are eye-watering, and high emissions make it expensive as a company car. The forthcoming diesel version can't arrive soon enough.

Resale values are the other big crippler, because they're nowhere near as strong as those of rivals.

Reader test team says:

Cadillac CTS Saloon 3.6 V6 296 4dr

Having read the What Car? review I felt the need to add my own impressions from a 'taster test drive' at the British International Motor Show 2008 at…

Fredrik Rich

4 out of 5 stars
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CTS rivals

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Cadillac CTS Saloon

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