What can I do about car stuck in dealership? 

A reader asks if anything can be done about a delay in repairing a problem with his Peugeot 3008...

Peugeot dealer

I own a Peugeot 3008 1.2 Puretech GT Line, which I bought new in June last year. Its first service was due in May and, after finding a dealer able to service cars for key workers, it went into Telford Motors on 20 May.

Unfortunately, the car has been there ever since with no sign of an update and daily contact diminishing. The reason for this is that the radio unit apparently crashed during an update and that they are waiting for a replacement part to arrive from the factory in France. 

I have been provided with a courtesy car, which is appreciated, although it isn't entirely comparable with my 3008. I'm not sure where I stand legally in this situation or what course of action I should now take.

Jack Grove

Peugeot 3008

What Car? says…

It sounds like the issue with getting the replacement parts is likely to have been caused by the coronavirus outbreak, which forced car factories and their suppliers to close until very recently, creating backlogs in the building of cars and the supply of components. 

We appreciate that you don't have a comparable car, so we would advise you to talk to the dealer about being provided with a different courtesy vehicle while yours is with them. However, there isn't any consumer legislation that can be used in this situation and it sounds like the dealership is doing their best in the wake of unprecedented circumstances. 

If the difficulty in getting the necessary part drags on for too long, it may be worth contacting the dealership to discuss the possibility of you changing to a new car, with the dealership taking your current car as a part-exchange. 

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