What to keep in your car during winter

It's a great idea to keep a bag of essential equipment in your car for when the temperature plummets, including tools to keep your car moving, supplies and blankets...

What to keep in your car during winter

Driving conditions can deteriorate rapidly, so it makes sense to keep a few things in your car so you're prepared for the worst. Ideally, no one wants to get stranded in their car, but it's worth getting everything ready in case it does happen.

Here's what we recommend everyone keep in their car when driving in the winter:

broken down car and warning triangle

Warning triangle

If your car breaks down, you'll need to set up a warning triangle to warn traffic of your vehicle's presence and to make your car visible to the emergency services.

Mobile phone charger

Keep a phone charger in the glovebox, complete with a 12v adapter to charge it in the car. Most mobile phones can now be charged via a USB cable, so it might be worth investing in a cable to keep in the car.

Warm, waterproof clothing

Several thin layers are better than one thick jacket, but a warm fleece is essential. Don't forget a pair of thick socks and gloves. It's also worth keeping a blanket in the car should you get stranded overnight.

De-icer and a scraper

Keep these in the car. In low temperatures, you can clear the windows in the morning, only to have to clear them again when you return to your car in the afternoon.

What to keep in your car during winter


What Car? readers have previously voted low sun as their least favourite driving condition. Sunglasses are a good way to combat it and the glare that it can cause.


An essential if you get stranded, but make sure you check the batteries once a month.

High-visibility vest

Make yourself stand out as much as possible should you be forced to stop.

Shovel and old carpet

If you are in an area of high snowfall, you can use the shovel to dig your wheels clear and then put the old carpet under them should you get stuck.

Bottle of drinking water and cereal or chocolate bars

Should you have to spend the night in the car, water and some sustenance are important to help keep your strength up.

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