Which all-season tyres will fit my car?

Reader wants to fit all season tyres, but is struggling to find ones the same size as his car's current tyres...

Car with all-season tyre

I drive an Audi A3 Saloon 1.4 TFSI that is currently fitted with 225/45 R17 91Y summer tyres. I’ve been looking at fitting some all-weather tyres, in particular the Michelin Crossclimate Plus, which came top in your recent tyre test. 

However, there’s no direct match with my car’s tyre size. One tyre company has told me that a tyre with a 94W rating will fit and be okay, but I’m not sure that this is correct. Can you offer any advice? 

John Roberts

What Car? says…

Car with all season tyres

The 94 in the specification relates to the tyre’s load capacity, and it’s good that the tyre you’re being offered has a higher capacity than that already fitted to your car (670kg over 615kg). However, the letter after the load capacity relates to the tyre’s top speed rating, and W is slightly lower than that of your current tyre.

Y tyres have a top speed rating of 186mph, while W tyres have a rating of 168mph. Although this won’t matter in real-world driving, your car insurance could be affected if you fit tyres with a lower speed rating than is recommended in the owner’s manual. 

You could check with your insurer to see if this will be an issue, or alternatively consider other all-season tyres, which are available from a number of similarly trustworthy brands. We’d suggest the Goodyear 4 Seasons Gen 2, because it has also performed well in independent tests. 

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