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Passenger & boot space

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Audi Q7 2019 RHD rear seats
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space

Even those well over six feet tall will find the Q7 roomy in the front; head room is very generous, the seat slides back a long way to deliver lots of leg room and there’s loads of elbow room.

The large door bins will each take a 1.5-litre bottle, and there are two cupholders next to the gear selector. Under the armrest, you’ll find another cubby with a rubber tray that’s an ideal place for stowing your mobile phone. 

Meanwhile, the glovebox is big enough to hold bulkier objects, such as a can of de-icer or a window scraper.

Rear space

Getting in and out of the second-row seats is easy, thanks to large door apertures and slim sills. The Q7 offers a few centimetres more leg room than the BMW X5 and  Land Rover Discovery and virtually matches that of the Volvo XC90. This means tall adults have plenty of knee room, and the interior’s generous height provides good head space. There’s also enough shoulder room for three adults to comfortably sit side by side. 

Really tall adults will want to sit in the two rearmost seats for short trips only, but anyone under six feet won’t feel too cramped. They’re certainly roomier than the third-row seats in the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE. A Discovery or a BMW X7 is a better bet if you regularly need to carry seven adults, though.

The Q7 is one of very few cars on sale with six Isofix mounts, so it's a seriously child-friendly choice.

Audi Q7 2019 RHD rear seats

Seat folding and flexibility

All three seats in the second row slide backwards and forwards independently of one another and have reclining backrests; the outer two seats tumble forward pretty easily to allow access to the third-row seats.

If you need extra luggage space, the second-row backrests can be folded flat in one simple operation using a lever at the base of each seat. Because they fold independently of each other, you have the flexibility to carry long loads while still carrying rear passengers. 

Meanwhile, the two third-row seats lie flush with the boot floor when folded away. They can be raised or lowered individually at the touch of a button; there are controls just inside the rear doors as well as inside the boot itself.

Boot space

In five-seat mode, even with the second row of seats slid fully back, the boot is easily big enough to take a couple of buggies or several large suitcases. There are four lashing eyes, plus a small cubby on the left-hand side.

With all seven seats in place, the boot shrinks to well under half the size but will still swallow a couple of small suitcases. In this arrangement, you'll fit more luggage in the Q7 than you would in a Land Rover Discovery. 

If you fold down all five rear seats, you’re left with a vast space and a completely flat extended load area. This makes loading bulky items a piece of pie, especially as there’s no lip at the boot entrance. An electric tailgate is standard on every Q7.

Audi Q7 2019 RHD wide cornering
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