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If Concorde was able to combine luxury, practicality and mind-blowing performance into one, svelte package, then why shouldn't a car be equally capable of supplying the same virtues? And if anyone was going to build this most complete of cars, why shouldn't that car be the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupé? After all, many moons ago it was Mercedes that invented the four-door coupé model with the cheaper CLS. 

The GT 4-door's mission is to take the AMG initials beyond the realm of mere plaything for the wealthy. Where the AMG SLS and AMG GT sports cars are really best suited to high days and holidays, the 4-door is intended as a genuine AMG to serve high-rollers with a proper, but useable, high-performance car. And when we say ‘genuine’ AMG, we mean it was developed by Mercedes’ high-performance skunkworks from the outset, unlike those AMG-fettled saloons, coupes and estates, the C63 and bigger E63.

The GT 4-door isn't simply an elongated version of the GT two-door sports car, though; it shares its chassis with the Mercedes E-Class saloon and its four-door coupé sister, the Mercedes CLS. AMG has used all its skills to transform its suspension and brakes, and the awesome, hand-built, twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 that sits in nearly every other pukka AMG product lurks menacingly under the GT 4-door's bulbous, heavily contoured bonnet.

We’re promised that the GT 4-door packs all the excitement, power and spirit of its coupe namesake. It’s a car that's intended to feel familiar to AMG-brand regulars, and, being a go-faster, luxury four-door coupé, it’s also a rival for upper-level versions of the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide S.

So, can the reality live up to AMG’s lofty promise? That's what we'll be exploring over the next few pages. If all this has already piqued your interest, head over to see how much you could save on a new Mercedes, with our New Car Buying service.

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