2012 Olympic show for BMW Megacity

* Olympics to showcase Megacity electric cars * BMW official partner of 2012 games * Car not on sale until 2013...

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16 Jul 2010 10:45 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

BMW will use the 2012 Olympics in London as an opportunity to showcase its revolutionary Megacity car, according to company sources.

Although the production car will be a year away from going on sale, a near production-ready Megacity concept car will take pride of place at the Games. BMW will be the official automotive partner for the 2012 games.

BMW believes the Olympics represent a unique opportunity to educate a huge global audience about the benefits of electric cars, and hopes that having the Megacity figuring prominently will help establish it as a market leader for electric cars.

The Megacity is a four-seat, rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive car, which houses the batteries that power the 100Kw motor underneath the floor.

BMW says it will be bigger than a Mini, but smaller than a BMW 1 Series, and comparatively tall.

To counteract the relatively heavy weight of the car's batteries, the Megacity will have a lightweight carbonfibre cell. BMW has gone into partnership with an American company to set up a carbonfibre production plant in Washington state.

As its name suggests, the Megacity will be a car for urban dwellers. BMW expects the car to have a range of between 100 and 130 miles. It will also have a useable boot, and its flat floor could mean the car will have a flexible seating layout.

The Megacity will be marketed as a premium product under a sub-brand of BMW perhaps similar to the 'M' sub-brand it has for its sports models.