2nd AlcoHAWK Pro

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What Car? Staff
24 November 2011

2nd  AlcoHAWK Pro

2nd AlcoHAWK Pro
Best Price: 124.00 (alcodigital.co.uk)
Sensor: Semi-conductive oxide
For: Easy to use; no gimmicks
Against: Only slightly more accurate than cheaper rivals

Accuracy: The second-most accurate breathalyser on test, the AlcoHAWK Pro was consistent even when exposed to very high alcohol concentrations followed by very low rates. If you need accuracy above all else but cant afford the AlcoDigital 3000 it's the next best option. However, cheaper models performed nearly as well, making it hard to recommend the Pro.

Value for Money: At more than 100, the Pro sits in uncomfortable territory between the nearly-as-good mid-price units and the highly accurate AlcoDigital 3000.

Ease of Use: The unit can be powered by battery or car charger. Its straightforward to get going and operate, with just one button to turn it on then off again. Results are displayed immediately, followed by a series of loud beeps. The unit comes with a soft and hard case.

Owning: The AlcoHAWK Pro needs calibrating every 12 months, which will cost 12.95 if pre-paid at the time of purchase, or 22 on the day. Both options also include a full service.