4th Bebe Confort Axiss 199.99

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12 September 2008

4th Bebe Confort Axiss 199.99

Bebe Confort Axiss
Colour schemes Four
Recommended Retail Price 199.99


The seat and harness staps are well padded. There are eight recline positions, although in everyday use, you tend to either put the seat in either the most upright or most reclined position. There are also different positions for the harness and headrest. There are also belt hooks that keep the harness out of the way while the child is being put into the seat.

Ease of operation
Fitting the seat is fairly straight forward, with printed instructions which are heavy on diagrams and light on written instructions. Red plastic guides highlight where the seatbelt is supposed to go and the seat is easy to install because the it simply turns round at the pull of a button, revealing the ratchet mechanism behind. This is really easy to use - just insert the belt into the tensioner and ratchet it up to the desired tightness. The height of the headrest and harness can be adjusted at the same time. Nothing is fiddly. The most awkward aspect is when you are deciding whether you want the seat to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise as the control is on the base of the seat's frame.

This is not a cheap seat, but shop around because savings of up to 30 off the RRP can be found.

The Axiss is made of quality materials that are well put together, so it should last the rigours of family life. The turning mechanism feels robust.

Special features
The whole point of the Axiss is that it can swivel round. This means at the pull of a button, the seat turns 45 degrees, from facing forward to facing the side door, so your child faces you as you put him into the seat. The seat is then turned back round to face forward. It clicks into place and a green marker pops up from the top of the frame. If it is incorrectly fitted it shows red. A sliding mechanism on the base of the unit means the seat can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise, so you can put fit the seat in both the right and left hand sides of the car.