4x4 drivers told not to reverse unaided

* 4x4 drivers told to get help when reversing * Warning comes after pedestrian death * Car's design made it difficult for driver to see victim...

4x4 drivers told not to reverse unaided

4x4 drivers have been warned not to reverse their cars without help.

The call comes after a man was cleared of death by dangerous driving, because the design of his car made it difficult for him to see a short pedestrian.

The driver, Michael Croft, 61, hit Jane Austin as he was reversing his Mitsubishi L200 Warrior along a pavement in Bourne, Lincolnshire, in March last year.

Mrs Austin, 57, died from the severe head and chest injuries she sustained from the 5mph impact.

Mr Croft told Lincoln Crown Court yesterday that he constantly looked in his mirrors and didn't see the 5ft 4in grandmother at any point as she walked along the pavement.

The court convicted him of careless driving, banned him from driving for a year and ordered him to pay a 1800 fine and costs of 1200.

However, Mr Croft was cleared of causing death by dangerous driving, which carries a maximum jail term of 14 years.

Sgt Judith Kent of Lincolnshire Police said of the case: 'Anybody driving a car like that [a large 4x4] shouldn't be reversing unaided when they can't see what's behind them. They should seek assistance.'