5th Graco Logico S 89.99

5th Graco Logico S 89.99
16 Apr 2008 16:15

Graco Logico S
Colour schemes Three
Weight 4.4 kilos
RRP Seat 89.99, base 39.99.


The Logico S has lots of cushions, while its deep design wraps nicely around your baby. The carry-handle has an excellent grip section in the middle for a secure hold, and the sun-shade is the biggest of any tested here. The shade might wobble around a bit, but you can pull it down over almost the entire seat. All covers are removable if you need to put them through the wash.

Ease of operation
Routing the seatbelt around the Logico S is fairly easy, although we did get a little tangled up with the elastics that hold the covers on. However, these bits of elastic do also help to hold the straps out of the way while you're seating your child, which is useful. We had no issues securing the buckles or tightening the straps, and there are four different adjustments for the harness.

It's already reasonably priced in our opinion, but you'll find plenty of online stockists that will bring the cost down further. As with any seat, however, we'd recommend you get expert advice and try an example in your car before you buy, particularly if you want to buy online.

Apart from the sun-shade, Graco appear to have used high quality materials and parts everywhere on the Logico.

Special features
The base feels a shade cheap - at 40 it doesn't cost much - but it's narrow, so it should fit more models. It's also easy to tension.