6. Turtlewax Platinum Series Tar, Tree S

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6. Turtlewax Platinum Series Tar, Tree S

Best price: 6.48 (B&Q)
Capacity: 500ml
Type: Spray

For: Most effective liquid on test
Against: Expensive and messy to clean up afterwards

Very effective. It required only 30 seconds to lift debris from paintwork, and was the most-powerful liquid on test. Insect remains wiped off with the minimum of effort. The thick formula was more like a polish and the instructions stated that residue needed to be washed off afterwards.

The second most expensive product on test

Ease of Use:
The Achilles heel of this product is that it requires washing off after use. As with Turtlewaxs other product on test, and Halfords Bug and Tar Remover, this makes it more suitable for a pre-wash treatment only.

Special features/Limitations:
It is safe to use on all finishes and in dealing with a wide range of surface deposits.