83.1mpg Skoda eco estate is 13,740

* 83.1mpg and 89g/km for Fabia Greenline * London to Prague on one tank? * Hatchback arrives in October...

83.1mpg Skoda eco estate is 13,740

Skoda's most efficient model ever the Fabia Estate Greenline II has gone on sale for 13,740.

Powered by a 75bhp 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the Greenline has an official economy figure of 83.1mpg and emissions of 89g/km.

As well as an engine stop-start system, the car is fitted with other fuel efficiency-measures, such as brake-energy recuperation, a gearshift indicator, low-rolling-resistance tyres and a lowered chassis for improved aerodynamics.

The official fuel consumption figure suggests the car could achieve an amazing 932 miles on one tank. In reality, you'd probably manage less than this, but there's still a good chance you can achieve Skoda's boast of a 790-mile trip from London to Prague without refilling.

Standard equipment includes alloy wheels, air-conditioning, an eight-speaker stereo with MP3 input, remote central locking, an alarm system and stability control.

A hatchback version of the Greenline II arrives in October 2010.