Any misunderstandings?

* Hydrogen-powered cars planned * Zero emissions * On sale to public by 2015...

14 May 2009
Any misunderstandings?

Any misunderstandings?
'People do not understand the physics and chemistry. They think of the Hindenburg (the hydrogen-fuelled German airship that exploded in a fireball over New York in the 1930s),' says Mr Byung Ki-Ahn general manager of the environmental research and development centre. 'However, a fuel cell car is completely different.'

But is hydrogen a totally clean fuel?
At this stage, no. It is currently produced from fossil fuels, because there are not many fuel cell cars around, but there is no reason why it could not be created from another source. 'Do we have an idea about that?' says Mr Ki-Ahn. 'Yes, we do.'

How close is your technology to being showroom-ready?
'On a scale of one to 10, I'd say we were at six or seven,' said Mr Ki-Ahn.