Audi offers new servicing package

  • Three-year servicing and maintenance package
  • Five-year/90,000 mile warranty
  • Prices vary depending on your annual mileage
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Audi is to introduce a new servicing and maintenance package for all its models.

It's called Audi Complete and the package includes all servicing and maintenance for the first three years of ownership, a five-year 90,000 mile/warranty and the car's first MoT.

Prices vary between models and versions and your annual mileage, but customers can pay a one-off fee or have fixed monthly payments.

Covered in the Audi Complete plan is;

β€’ All routine servicing
β€’ All oils and fluids required within the standard service schedule
β€’ Brake fluid change
β€’ Brake repairs
β€’ Cooling system repairs
β€’ Electrical system
β€’ Engine repairs
β€’ Exhaust repairs
β€’ Suspension repairs
β€’ Transmission repairs
β€’ Roadside assistance

For a premium, tyre replacement can also be included in the package.

Prices start at 27 a month, or a one-off payment of 972 for an Audi A1 for customers driving 10,000 miles a year.

The package for an Audi A4 will cost from 32 a month or 1152 one-off payment. That compares with the 1380 BMW will charge you for its Service Inclusive Plus for a BMW 3 Series.

It will cost 1548 or 43 a month to have the package for an Audi A6, compared with the 1550 BMW charges for its Service Inclusive Plus package on a 5 Series.

Audi says the cover automatically transfers to a new owner if the car is sold while the package is active and the original owner paid the one-off fee. It can be cancelled or transferred to a new owner if monthly payments are being made.

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