Beep, beep ding!

* New in-car microwave * Heats up coffee in three minutes * 90 from Maplins...

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What Car? Staff
12 August 2008

Beep, beep ding!

Straight from the list of products we never knew we needed comes this, the in-car microwave from Maplins.

It can be powered from the cigarette lighter or direct from the car's battery and can heat up a pizza in a couple of minutes or a coffee in three minutes.

But be warned, if you ever find your Ginsters pasty anything less than volcanic and in need of a quick zap, be sure to start your car up before plugging in the microwave - at best your pasty might take longer to heat up, at worst it could make the battery go flat.

The in-car microwave is available from Maplins now at a special introductory cost of 99.